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More Capsule Movie Reviews

The Bank Job

Pittsford Plaza 03.22.08

God, have I REALLY not been to a movie in over a month! I don't know why it is that the British are the only ones making heist movies anymore, but they sure are good at it. This one required a good two cups of coffee at the local coffee shop afterwards to wrangle out all the various plot points, but it didn't feel that confusing at the time. Just a good old fashioned, fast-placed blag.

Sweeney Todd

The Cinema 02.14.08

Loved it! Loved it! Everything about it! The singing! The acting! The costumes and sets! The blood spurting and skulls cracking against the barber shop floor! Brilliant!

No Country for Old Men

Pittsford Plaza 02.08.08

Sorry Coen brothers, but this one went well over my head. It was full of a bunch of people acting like nobody ever acts. And the ending -- sorry if I'm being very limited about this -- but it was deeply disatisfying. Beautiful scenery, though.


Pittsford Plaza 02.03.08

I usually hate movies that are quirky for quirkiness sake. But this one is so disarming after the initial "home skillet" annoyingness, that it wins you over. I love how none of the characters are what you think they will be, how each goes off in a very non-movie-specific direction. The distant stepmother is actually loving and courageous. The hip young dad is actually an immature jerk. The uptight yuppie mom-wannabe is actually strong and adventurous. All this plus a fresh, funny, smart, leading lady.


The Cinema 01.15.08

Do not see this movie if you can't see it in 3-D. There really is no point.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

The Cinema 01.15.08

Rochester's Own Phillip Seymour Hoffman is in 30 percent of the movies currently in the theaters. This one is a nice, tight thriller about a scheme between two brothers that goes horribly wrong, and it is Ethan Hawke -- playing the hapless younger brother -- who delivers the best performance.

Charlie Wilson's War

Pittsford Plaza 01.07.08

Now I know why god invented movie stars. Sometimes a movie just needs some good ol' fashioned movie stars, and Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts certainly are that. And Rochester's Own Phillip Seymour Hoffman may not be a movie star, but he does steal every scene he's in.


Pittsford Plaza 01.06.08

A very sentimental and sad love story starring two very beautiful people. I can watch the light bounce off of James McAvoy for two hours any time. Plus, I think Keira Knightly's green dress deserves some kind of honorary Academy Award--like the one Shirley Temple got, but for sex.